Miscarriage and Infertility: My Story

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Miscarriage and Infertility: My Story “Spontaneous Abortion” That’s what the hospital discharge papers read. Never, ever in my life did I ever think my name would be associated with the word ‘abortion’. But the reality was that now, it would. It would be a part of my history; both medical and emotional. We lost our […]

April 28, 2017

My Biggest Mistakes As A New Mom

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This post contains affiliate links. Becoming a mom is hard. You tell me it’s all rainbows and sunshine for you and I will call you a liar. I can remember coming home from the hospital with Rory and Evan and I would constantly look at each other and have the same ‘deer in headlights’ look. […]

January 31, 2017

Rory’s Valentine’s Day Photos

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Back when Evan, Rory and I got family pictures in the fall the photographer, Ashlee, mentioned she was thinking about doing Valentine’s Day mini sessions and I immediately said SIGN ME UP! We went to get them done this past Tuesday and here are the finished products. I. am. obsessed.  Please follow and like us:

January 27, 2017

Rory Josephine: 8 Month Update

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How is it possibly that my little sweet baby is 8 months old? I know every single mother says the same thing. We are completely at a loss for words for how fast time flies by. It seems like yesterday that they couldn’t hold their head up on their own and now… they are freaking […]

January 13, 2017