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How to Apologize

I know how this post comes across… I turned 30 and all of a sudden I’m this wise bitch with all the answers. Truthfully, I had a post planned for today about my 30th birthday celebrations and the hangover but nothing… absolutely NOTHING… went according […]

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Thoughts on Turning 30

Well, I did it. I made it to 30. I feel like should get a certificate or a prize or something. Age has never really been something that bothered me. That’s probably, in large part, because I don’t feel 30. I still feel like the […]

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Birthday Wish List

Not to alarm anyone but GUYS MY BIRTHDAY IS COMING UP and NOVEMBER IS THE BEST MONTH and GUYS I TURN 30 ON NOVEMBER 30TH. Truth be told, I’m that obnoxious gal. Y’know, the one who when the moment the clock hits November is all […]

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