My Easter Weekend

Joys of Josie, Lifestyle, Style / Monday, April 2nd, 2018

Here it is, past 11PM Sunday evening and I’m thinking (F-Bomb) I should probably crank out a post for tomorrow because I told myself I would do better at posting in 2018, and I don’t like making idle promises to myself.

Not to mention, I made my husband snap these outfit pics of me while he was in a massive battle with a hangover. I can’t imagine the shit he’d give me if I didn’t post them.

So, Easter weekend.

Friday night, I was actually able to enjoy a nice little evening to myself… of course once Rory went to bed. But seriously… as a wife and mother, alone time is reserved for things like showers, workouts and if you’re really lucky, bathroom breaks.

Evan had plans to go out with a friend (and eventually friends, plural) and as I am very much a ‘you do you, I do me’ gal, I was more than happy to send him off.

When Evan goes out drinking, I only ask that he abides by three rules. 1. No drunk driving. 2. If you come home, DO NOT WAKE THE BABY. 3. If you don’t ┬ácome home, please be home at a reasonable hour in the morning.

While Evan enjoyed some guy time at some local bars, I decided to have a little catch-up on some of last year’s Real Housewives of New York. This show is legit a guilty pleasure and I NEVER get to choose what we watch and because of that I missed most of last year. With the newest season coming out this week, I thought perhaps I’d better get caught up.

By the time Saturday morning rolled around, my husband was home and in bed next to me. I’d like to say he had a good time, and I think he did but in the process he banged up his face a bit, he had a band-aid on his ear covering a massive cut/scrape (still not sure) and he lost his wedding ring.

He blames double Jack and Cokes.

But he followed all three of my rules and I got to watch some RHONY. So, I’m a happy girl.

Evan, Rory and I headed to get some breakfast at a place we’d not tried yet in Columbus, Ind. called Blackerby’s Hanger 5. While the food was good, my husband was desperately trying to nurse a hangover and I couldn’t help but feel bad for him since he looked like he got in a tiff with a slab of rough concrete.

My boss had previously requested to keep Rory for the day and considering Evan felt like he’d been hit by a truck, he was more than pleased to not have to balance a toddler with a hangover.

I had plans on having Evan snap some cute outfit photos of me in some Easter-looking getup but the weather was all like sorry mate, spring is running behind and wont make it to Indiana until July. So, I settled for my fav LOOK AT ME red H&M sweater paired with my fav LOOK AT ME Target leopard booties.

After outfit snaps and a little afternoon nap (GOD I MISS THOSE), we headed to see a movie, Black Panther.

As for Sunday morning, I’m just going to say I’m proud of myself for getting up and making it to the gym.

Snaps for Josie.

Lucy, one of our two Bassett hounds, also ate some of the crayons that came in Rory’s Easter basket and didn’t even puke. So there’s that. Snaps for Lucy.

We had two Easter celebrations to attend this year. The first one being at Evan’s parent’s house for lunch and the second one at my parent’s house for dinner.

Easter is one of those holidays that are mainly about eating food and spending time with family… and I’m not mad about it. However, more often than necessary, I mentioned the words omg I’m so full I think I’m going to vom.

But it’s tradition.

So yeah, that was my weekend. Wbu?

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