Snowy Weekend in March

Joys of Josie, Style / Monday, March 26th, 2018

Spring is weird. One day you are pulling out all of your cut offs (praying to the workout gods they still fit), putting together cute spring outfits and scheduling spray tans. Next thing you know, you’re pulling back out your duck boots that you stuffed in the back of the closet because its March, it wont snow again, right?

This weekend was full of interesting weather, lots of driving and a few events.

Several weeks ago, Evan had purchased tickets to a Pacers game for a date night for he and I. After a short work day on Friday (the best kind of work day tbh), Evan and I headed up to Indy to drop off Rory with my parents and enjoy our date night.

We legit walked in and dropped her off and went running for the car.

We hit up Bakersfield on Mass Ave for some dinner before the game. Dinner turned into chips and queso, shrimp tacos, oh… and two pitchers of margaritas. Yeah, whoops.

For once, we avoided chit-chat about Rory. Probs because the tequila. We turned towards chatter about our professional futures and where we see each other in another 5-10 years.

After walking to the arena, we found our seats and settled in to enjoy the game (only about 15 minutes late).

I’d like to give you a run down about the game but I was simply too smashed to really pay attention.

I did however, run into my fav boudoir photog (Marinda Fowler) and was able to look coherent enough for a cute pic.

Fairly certain I passed out on the drive home only waking momentarily to check random notifications on my phone, like a true millennial.

Saturday morning’s hangover was sponsored by a sneaky husband who ordered me a margarita at the game but didn’t tell me it was a double until it was gone.

Shout out to you, boo. Well, played.

Early Saturday morning the expected massive amount of snow was starting to make its entrance and my hangover was trying its best to make itself known.

Things that don’t mix with hangovers: bright lights.

Anyway, we headed back up to the city for Saturday evening because the hubs, his brother and nephew were going to SuperCross that evening. Instead of moping around at home with a toddler who would no doubt ask, “where’s daddy at?” 94374749 times, I decided to just hang with my parents while the boys did the boy thing.

Rory and I hung out at my parents’ house while the massive amount of snow continued to fall. Eventually, I ventured out of the house to pick up Chinese takeout and revel in a solid 20 minutes of peace and quiet… two things that could possibly help my unfortunate hangover.

After SuperCross, the boys picked me up and we made our way back home.

I do believe the entire fam was a bit exhausted because we all (Rory included) slept in a bit later than usual on Sunday morning.

Claiming my mom perks and my ‘I watched her last night while you enjoyed a guys night’ perks, I was allotted the most amount of sleep. The hubs allowed me to sleep until 10AM… he deserves a strong pat on the back. Well done, love.

We ventured out of the house to workout, get groceries, snap some outfit photos and visit some friends.

I ended the night in the best of ways, tbh… with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s, relaxing while reading a book.

And that was my snowy weekend in March.

Enjoy these lovely outfit snaps from yesterday.


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