Reasons Why Dry Shampoo is Your Hair’s New BFF

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Lately, I’ve been rattling on an awful lot about dry shampoo and its infinite magic. If you’re tired off listening to me rattle on and on, big apologies. Feel free to wander off somewhere else and check back when I’ve finally shut up about my newest obsession.

Dry Shampoo is a life saver. I’m not sure exactly what I was doing with my life before dry shampoo came along and rescued my poor, over-washed, fine and too clean hair… but whatever I was doing, I ain’t going back.

Actually, I do know what I was doing. I was washing my hair every damn day because it seemed each morning when I woke up, there was enough grease at my roots to fry up some chicken wings or fix that creaking door to the laundry room.

Downfall to washing your hair every day? It’s too clean to actually do a damn thing with it. Spend 45 minutes drying and styling your hair only to have the style completely fall flat within two minutes of walking outside.

Lolz. Cute.

Reasons why dry shampoo is your hair’s new BFF

Gives hair body and texture.

Here’s a secret: I use dry shampoo every damn day. Whether or not I wash my hair, I use it every day.   As mentioned before, when I wash my hair, it is too smooth and clean that any heat styling will barely hold. I’m not blessed in the plentiful hair department. God said, no girl… you got your health, 10 fingers and 10 toes… you get 10 strands of fine hair.

I used to reach for wax sprays to amp up the texture and volume but those seemed to enhance the next days oily roots. No bueno. Sometimes, I would use a strong hold hairspray and that would help add texture but was too stiff and sticky. As the 80’s hair is not my thing, I decided to try dry shampoo.

Imagine a product that build volume and texture without adding extra oil or stickiness to your mane. Enter the star of this show: dry shampoo.

Perfect when you don’t feel like washing and drying your hair.

Dry shampoo works perfectly to soak up all the excess oils that have been produced at the root. Believe it or not, washing your hair every day is not actually necessary. Every day washing can strip important oils and even cause your color to fade prematurely.

Of course, if you work or participate in a daily activity like operating a wood-chipper or something… then yes, by all means, wash your hair every day.

So what to do when you shower and you don’t want to wash your hair? Shower cap baby. Sexiest thing to happen to a twenty-something. But for real… shower cap those locks and use dry shampoo instead of actual real shampoo and conditioner.

Lolz. Do they make dry wash for the full bod? Actually I think Summer’sEve makes coochie wipes that serve that purpose. Discuss that another time, friends?

Quick refresh.

Specifically the dry shampoo I love to use (linked below and you can get it here) smells AH-MAZING! No jokes here.

Every girls dream come true: sexy smelling hair without having to take the time to wash/condition/dry/style. Dry shampoo will not only give your hair a texture and body boost but it will also refresh the scent.

Totally would come in handy for any after-work events (like meeting Todd for marketing for drinks) when you don’t have time to re-style your hair.

How to use:

This may seem a little self-explanatory but y’know, we ain’t all geniuses. When I first starting using dry shampoo, I would just spray it in and expect the magic to ensue. Yes, simply spraying it on your roots and scalp will give some benefits. But girl… you missing out on some of the best benefits.

Life changing tip coming at ya: part your hair to expose the area that is desperately needing love, spray the dry shampoo and then work it in. YAASS… werk it in girl… use your fingertips to work/rub the dry shampoo into your scalp area. Repeat for each section that is in need.

I can usually tell when I’ve done good and my hair is sufficiently dry-shampooed just by seeing the lack of oil and it will feel fairly texturized.

Also, depending on how I choose to style my hair dictates when I apply the dry shampoo. If flat-ironing my hair, I will start with a little dry shampoo, then proceed to smooth my hair out and then do the major dry-shampooing after I’ve finished using heat. This seems to give my hair volume and a sexy-texturized look.

If I’ using a curling tool, I will do the majority of the dry-shampooing before using the tool, then follow up with a small amount after finger-combing through the curls.

The BEST Dry Shampoo products I have used.

The Paul Mitchell Invisiblewear Dry Shampoo is seriously my new bae. This dry shampoo is absolutely amazing. One of the biggest perks of this dry shampoo over others I have used is the scent. It smells so good and does a great job of soaking up that day-old grease on my roots and adding a little umph to my locks.


I use the blonde version (duh) but they have a brunette, version as well. You may click these and be like but Josie, it’s like almost $20. So I will say this… but girl, your hair is worth it. If you haven’t started investing in professional salon products, I strongly suggest you do. I love a good drugstore product when I can find one, but until then, I will always use high-quality products.

Blonde Dry Shampoo

Brunette Dry Shampoo

For more of my absolute FAVORITE hair products, check out my blog post about Paul Mitchell’s Invisiblewear line.

One of my other favorites is the AG Hair Dry Shampoo. This one smells decent and is super great at adding texture to smooth or too-clean hair. It also has a bit more pigment than the Paul Mitchell dry shampoo so if you’ve your long-overdue for a color appointment, this gal can help cover up some roots.

Blonde Version

Brunette Version

They also have a clear, light brown and black version that you can find at Ulta.


Hope you enjoyed, friends and have a great weekend!

PS If you have any other great dry shampoo recommendations, drop them below in the comments.


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