Reasons Why I Love Valentine’s Day + My Valentine’s Day Wish List

Joys of Josie, Lifestyle / Friday, February 2nd, 2018

Fully aware that many of you probably hate Valentine’s Day. Also fully aware that specific lot of you either a) chose not to read this post, or b) scrolled right on down to the wish list. It’s cool, I ain’t mad.

But… if you don’t mind, I’m going to rattle off some of the reasons I love this greeting card company holiday.

And why am I including a Valentine’s Day wish list, you ask. Because sometimes (read: always) men need a road map. And if there is something I’ve got my eye on… you may just be interested too.

  1. Chocolate. Um yes… if you are my Valentine or fond of me at all and need a gift idea… I’m just saying that all I really need (other than a couple snuggle bucks) is a box of chocolates. And not the nasty kind that tastes like a chewed up Fruit Roll-Up was deposited inside, but the nuts, caramel, fudge and toffee. The good stuff, obvz.
  2. If things get a little hot and heavy and carried away, November is a fabulous month for a bebe to be born. Only the best people are born in November.
  3. Crafts! Yes, the inner 12-year-old in me is dying to make a Valentine’s mailbox with all heart shapes and every shape and color of glitter I can get my hands on.
  4. Who doesn’t want to celebrate love? Valentine’s Day is a perfect time to celebrate the love you have for not only your significant other but your family. I totally get it when people say they hate Valentine’s Day because they want their significant other to profess their love without a holiday telling them to. But when’s the last time you took the opportunity to tell a family member how much you love them? Valentine’s Day is the perfect time.
  5. A Fifty Shades movie date. Granted, I’m not much for erotic novels, but I did indulge in this series because sometimes society gets the best of me. And damn it… I gotta see what the fuss is all about. And after I finished the books, I mean I can’t just leave my inner sex goddess hanging. Off to the movies I go with some of my best pals who are dying to give their inner sex gooddesses some action too.
  6. I love to get my bake on. As mentioned before, my cooking skills leave something to be desired but ya gal pal here can definitely bake. What man (or anyone really) wouldn’t love baked goodies for the special V-Day? Add in some heart-shaped cookie cutters or festive pans and I’m spending an entire day in a baking wonderland.
  7. It’s a great opportunity to hang out with single gal pals. Not everyone has that super special someone to snuggle up with and feed each other chocolate fondue… and that’s ok. Why not spend the day/evening with your other single gal pals. Movies, shopping, eating your weight in Snickers bars… all terrific ideas for a Galentine’s date.
  8. Chocolate. Yup. Think I’ve about covered it here.

Valentine’s Day Wish List

Valentine's Day Wish List

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