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Beauty, Joys of Josie / Friday, January 19th, 2018

Don’t know bout you but wintertime is kind of the pits for hair/skin/nails. All those things (pretty nails, healthy glowing skin and cute hair) are the things that make me feel human and girly and yeah… like myself. I even got a spray tan last week just to take the edge off that corpse-like pale look I’ve been rocking as of late.

Thought I could dazzle you all with a few of my current favorite beauty and hair products. These guys are the heros of my day that have kept me feeling girly, kind of pretty and not like I’m Powder’s sister from that one creepy movie (I think it was actually called Powder???).


Wet ‘n Wild MegaGlo Highlighter

Not sure which beauty YouTuber I saw recommended this product but I’m 99.99% sure that’s where I got the idea to purchase it. There’s always that .01% chance that my daughter grabbed it and threw it in the cart while shopping. She’s innovative like that.

Pretty much, if a respected beauty YouTuber tells me something that is super affordable is actually worth it… I will try it out.

Winter leaves my skin dry and I’m one that likes a good moisturized and dewy glow to my face. When placed on the tops of my cheek bones, above my brow, down my nose and on my Cupid’s bow I look like I’ve got this nice glow and I dig it.

L’Oreal Tru Match Lumi Foundation

I’m all about the spray tans and the B.B. Creams in the summer while I try and let my skin breathe and let my freckles pop out… cuz call me crazy… but I grow my own freckles and don’t bother with dem fake ones.

Unfortunately, even with a spray tan… my skin just sucks in the winter and I actually have to apply foundation. The L’Oreal Tru Match Lumi Foundation has always been my go to. It helps give my face a nice, even complexion and it’s not too drying.

NYX HD Photogenic Concealer

One of these days, I will break down and spend the arm or leg for the Tarte ShapeTape concealer but for now, I’m still dragging my feet. Why? Because that shit’s expensive and I know once I buy it, it will be my concealer end game.

So, I’ve tried this NYX HD Photogenic Concealer instead… basically to pass the time before I sell my soul to Tarte Cosmetics… and I can’t complain much.

Genetics blessed me with those dark under-eye circles that have people looking at me like did she get punched or is she just terminally ill?

Pretty much, I don’t leave the house without concealer unless I plan on pretending to be Anna Wintour and rock the sunglasses everywhere.

This concealer does a good job of hiding my dark circles and blemishes and also hi-lighting areas I put it on. I usually set it with some translucent powder and it seems to stay put all day.

Real Techniques Beauty Blender

There has been a beauty blender in my makeup collection (lolz… basically a plastic drawer full of products) for quite some time… mainly because it’s what all the cool kids were doing. Poor little guy had been neglected for it’s entire existence because homegirl had no clue what to do.

A couple YouTube videos and some trials later and now this little sponge is my fav for applying foundation and concealer.

I love that I can wet the beauty blender for a little less coverage (y’know… my freckles don’t want to completely hibernate in the winter) and helps with a dewy glow.

Essie Ballet Slippers

Ok, so this particular nail shade is no where anywhere near being new but it is new to the Josie Short Nail Polish Collection. Which honestly, is an embarrassment to admit considering I’ve been doing nails professionally for about 10 years.

This pink is the prettiest light pink. I’ve been wearing my nails kind of long lately… lolz… I’ve ripped holes in shirts because of how long and pointy they are… and this pale pink looks so chic on them.

It is the perfect neutral pink that will not clash with anything you decide to throw on for the day.

Only downfall is that it’s definitely a three-coat polish because it is more of a milky pink color without being fully opaque.

PM Invisiblewear Memory Shaper Gel and Volume Whip

Yes, I’ve written about this stuff before and mentioned how much I love it and I still freaking love it.

My current hair routine is the PM Invisiblewear shampoo and conditioner. After combing out my hair, I put the memory shaper from mid shaft to ends and finger comb it through. I then follow that up with the volume whip on my roots. Blow dry and then style.

If you have similar hair to me (aka 10 strands of fine and thin hair) you need this hair care line in your life. Most of the time, my hair isn’t worth a crap until day two because it is too soft and smooth to do anything (curl/braid/crazy sex hair) after shampooing and conditioning.

The Paul Mitchell Invisiblewear line basically gives me day two hair immediately but without the super unsexy greasy-root look. And when day two rolls around… I load up on my bae (dry shampoo) and my hair basically is my slave because it behaves and does what I want.

I hope you guys have enjoyed this post and I’d love to hear about some of your current beauty favorites in the comments.

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