The Pink Moto Jacket of Millennial Dreams

Joys of Josie, Style / Wednesday, January 3rd, 2018

So, I know I’ve been all like, yay winter and bring on the cold. But, Christ… temps hit the single digits and I wonder if we’ll ever feel warm sun again.

I’ve only been out of the house for probably 5 hours in the past two days. Of course, for ice cream (because who doesn’t love ice cream in polar bear weather?), also for the gym and obviously to take these pictures.

So, the jacket.

In the world of Josie Short fashion, this pink jacket is ~probably~ considered a little bit extra. Which is why I’ve dubbed it a millennial jacket.

But hey, I just bought my first pair of over-the-knee boots the other day (and bloody love them) so maybe I’m only days away from the pink jacket being child’s play.

This pretty baby is from the place where most pretty babies come from (other than uteruses), Forever 21.

I spotted this gal online (also comes in an olive color) and it caught my attention because it is described as woven.

Aka… not leather or faux leather.

Aka… warm.

Now, I don’t know about you… and maybe I’m just weird… but I have never found leather jackets all ~that~ warm.

Don’t get me wrong… they are cute and sassy and I’m all about that life. But if my plane crashes and I’m stranded on some snowy mountain with only a leather jacket… I’ll go ahead and sacrifice myself to feed the group. Ya dig? Probs won’t make it.

But… if I’m wearing this woven babe of a jacket when the plane goes down… I just might stand a chance.

I adore the zipper details at the cuffs, which are actually handy when you pair it with a chunky sweater.

Also, I appreciate that there is no belt. For the life of me, I’ve yet to figure out how to keep the belt on jackets in place when it’s not fastened.

Like, no… I don’t think I’m supposed to have a jingling tail??

I ordered a small and it zips up easily. If I didn’t have plans of wearing sweaters with it, I probs could have gone with an extra small.

Future plans for this jacket, other than having its babies… I’m loving the idea of mixing shades of black and gray with it. Also thinking some pastels would pair nicely in the early spring. Or even some pretty florals would go nicely.

Because of it’s woven nature, it will probably need to hibernate once spring has fully sprung and summer starts rolling in. But I’d say for $35, being able to wear this babe for 2.5 seasons makes it a purchase I won’t regret.

Hope you enjoy.

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