Ruffles For The Win

Joys of Josie, Style / Monday, December 18th, 2017

Ruffles Ruffles Ruffles Ruffles Ruffles Ruffles

So, first off… big apologies for really slacking at getting blog posts up last couple weeks. Two weeks ago, Rory and I had a nice little spontaneous trip to Chicago (spontaneous meaning in the middle of the week… because it had been planned for a little bit) and yeah… I just wanted to enjoy that time and watch my kid. Y’know, so she doesn’t reenact the whole Baby’s Day Out movie, without the whole baby reuniting with parents thing because Chicago is huge.

And then, last week the hubs went on a nice little biz trip to Texas leaving me to fend for myself… and the toddler, and the two dogs. And I need about four more arms, another brain and three clones of myself to actually get done what I actually want to get done. Needless to say, blogging went straight to the back burner… the one that hasn’t been cleaned since taco night three weeks ago.


Ruffles. I’ve never actually been one to indulge in all things frilly but it seems that the universe (or fashion gods) have placed ruffles in the fashion forecast this season.

I snagged this casual ruffle sweatshirt from, of course, Forever 21 online for a cool ten bucks. As my mom always says, you can’t go wrong with $10 (or whatever price you need it to be to justify buying something).

If anything, I figured it would be an easy sweatshirt to pop on during the weekend when I don’t feel like squeezing into something super sexy or form-fitting (because cheat day and all) but also don’t want to look like I slept on a park bench all night. Basically, I’m going for the casual but cute look.

And, I think I’ve accomplished my mission.

On this particular day, lolz yesterday, I just slipped on some comfy skinnies and my fav gray peep-toe platform booties. The hubs and I were going for our weekly ice cream shop visit and I had him snap a few pics.

I’m wearing a medium and it definitely has a boxy feel to it, which I don’t mind.

Unfortunately, this particular sweatshirt isn’t online or I can’t find it… I searched for hours. But, lucky for you, if you keep scrolling down through the pics of me, you will find a nice little collection of my fav online ruffle sweaters and sweatshirts that ARE still available.

Don’t say I never treat ya.


Ruffles Ruffles Ruffles Ruffles Ruffles


  1. Black Ruffled Sleeve Top, $15
  2. Pink Ruffle Sleeve Sweater, $69
  3. Cream Ruffle Pullover, $36
  4. Oversized Pink Off-The-Shoulder Sweater, $35
  5. Beige Ruffle Knit Sweater, $50
  6. Pattered Cold Shoulder Ruffle Blouse, $15
  7. Cream Tiered Ruffle Sleeve Sweater, $28
  8. Gray Ruffle Sweater, $35
  9. Ruffle French-Terry Pullover, $28

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