My New Fav Sweater Jacket

Style / Wednesday, December 13th, 2017


I swear Target is the devil. Pure evil.

Shortly before¬†Black Friday, I wandered into Target with my toddler to get a check a few Christmas gifts off my list. Well, you know how it goes… your toddler runs off and once you catch her you suddenly look up and see the prettiest and coziest¬†sherpa sweater jacket you’ve ever laid your eyes on.

I’m really lying here.

I quickly found exactly what I was looking for when it came to buying gifts for friends and loved ones. But the sweaters in the women’s section were calling my name and making elevator eyes at me.

Especially, this one.

But surprisingly, I held off… told myself that if I was still thinking about this babe come Black Friday and given they still had my size (I’m wearing a small) I would treat myself.

Lolz… Black Friday is always a lot of treating myself and a little bit of Christmas gift shopping.

As you can probably guess, since I’m not into shop-lifting or anything kinky like that, I couldn’t stop thinking about the sweater jacket. So, I snagged it on Black Friday.

It’s, cozy. It has sherpa and some faux-suede panels and even some super comfy knitted parts (y’know… holding up the ‘sweater’ part of sweater-jacket.

It’s actually on sale right now for $35, regularly $40. So, not like a huge sale but it’s definitely worth it. I promise. It’s the perfect layering piece for the colder weather that will no-doubt be gracing us with its presence.

Hashtag sigh.

I opted to pair this sweater with some casual pieces because a big chunk of this particular day was spent in a car. Evan and I ran some errands before dropping him off at the airport.

He also snapped the pics because he’s a sucker for a couple snuggle bucks.

Anyway, have a great hump day friends.







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  • Such a pretty sweater! You did a great job of styling it. I’m guilty of this too – finding what I need and then wandering over to other sections just to “look”.

    • joysofjosie

      Thank You! Yeah… I’m so guilty of buying unnecessary stuff!

  • Gotta love Target right? I love the way you styled that. Looks great with the jeans and booties!

    • joysofjosie

      Thank you! Yes! Target is the best!

  • This is super cute!! I never used to shop for clothes at Target until a couple years ago. I’m not sure what took me so long. Now I have a ton of their pieces. This sweater looks amazingly comfy. Thanks for sharing; I’ll have to go check it out!

    • joysofjosie

      Target it so addicting! Their prices are pretty good too!

      • joysofjosie

        Haha! I totally agree!

  • Allie Kay

    This whole outfit is so cute and cozy!

    • joysofjosie

      Thank you! It definitely was cozy!