The Only Statement Earrings You Will Ever Need

Joys of Josie, Style / Wednesday, December 6th, 2017

Statement earrings Statement earrings Statement earrings statement earring


I should start this post out by saying that normally, I am not a HUGE earring wearing gal. I tend to go for dainty lil things on my ears.

When I first saw these earrings, it was actually one of my favorite bloggers to follow, Hannah Gale, who had plastered them all over her Instagram grid and boasted about how affordable they are. So I made a mental note to check them out online or in the store sometime.

Side note: if you love affordable fashion and high-street fashion, this gal is one to follow. She shops regularly from ASOS, Forever21, H&M and Primark (why in God’s creation can Primark not be available in the US as much as it is in the UK) and I’m all about that life. Snaps for Hannah.

Anyway… the earrings.

I was actually in H&M on our Tennessee weekend getaway and spotted them. First reaction: (F-Bomb) they are huge. Like massive. And I guess I suck at visualizing things because I have seen these suckers in pictures on some actual lobes but daaaammmnn… they big. Second reaction: OMFG, I WANT EVERY COLOR.

Instead of purchasing these guys, I thought they’d make a super easy item to toss on my birthday and Christmas list to give to my parents. Fast forward six weeks and I’m opening up a gift bag with these pretty little babies for my birthday.

Probably one of the things I love most about these earrings is their ability to be casual or to be fancy. Granted, I live in Small Town, Indiana so the chances of me using these guys for a “fancy” outfit are about the same as the chances of Small Town, Indiana actually hosting a “fancy” event.

So yeah, casual.

Sometimes the website sells out of certain colors and it seems the stores tend to have them. So, if you don’t see a color you like online, stop in your local branch and see what you can find. My eyes are definitely on the gold pair… also the white, pink and red pairs. I guess I wouldn’t turn down any color.

And yes, they are pretty lightweight.

Enjoy, friends!

statement earring statement earring

Statement earrings

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  • Those earrings definitely make a statement! So pretty.

  • Allie Kay

    Those are really pretty!

  • Terrah LynNee

    These earrings make such a statement! I wish I could pull stuff like that off!