The Sassy (and Busy) Gal’s Guide to Professional Teeth Whitening at Home + Giveaway

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 At-home professional teeth whitening


Hello, friends. How are ya’ll doing on this fine day? Good? Good.


So, to start today’s blog post I’m going to tell you three truths about myself:
    1. I’m a busy-ass gal. I’m a part-time hairstylist and a full-time mom and wife. If you do the calculations correct, you’ve discovered that out of the 1,440 minutes in a day, I have exactly 3.6 of those minutes for free time.
    2. Closely related to number one, I operate on coffee. Black coffee, coffee with cream, espresso shots, lattes, you name it … just call me Lorelei Gilmore.
    3. And finally, the one that maybe I’m not exactly proud of… I’m slightly vain. Not the ‘I judge you when you buy pork chops because they are on sale’ kind of vain. I’m vain in the way that I like to look nice and if I were to like, break a tooth in half (or completely lose it) I’ll probably get it fixed immediately instead of walking around looking like Lloyd Christmas.


Now, knowing these three truths about me, you can imagine that when Smile Brilliant reached out to me to try out their at-home whitening kit, I was all like HELL YEAH… but totally played it off like, sure, I think my readers would be interested in this product. Lolz, tricky tricky.


Last time I was at the dentist for my regular cleaning, I asked about whitening and if drugstore whitening kits actually work. Basically, I was told no, they don’t work and was given a lengthy pitch to get me to come back in for a “real” whitening process that “only costs a few hundred dollars.”


Lolz, like sorry mate… I’ve got bills to pay and a child to feed. Not to mention, do you make house calls because I can only imagine the price tag on all the equipment my toddler would break in your office.


I have always wanted to brighten up my smile (because, hello coffee stains and because a smile is a huge part of someone’s appearance) but was hesitant to blow money on ineffective drugstore brands and I don’t have the time to go to the dentist for extensive treatments.


It’s kind of one of those things I was unhappy with because who wants stained teeth? Not I. But I seriously cannot give up my coffee and I just don’t have the time or money to spend in a dentists office. Close-mouthed smiles for this gal… so if you have gotten Christmas cards from me in the past and I look like sort of happy but possibly pissed, you can blame my non-teeth showing smile.


Well, Smile Brilliant, you sassy gals, you… give yourself a standing ovation because babes, you’re making this coffee-obsessed momma’s vain dreams come true. And extra long clapping because this is perfect timing: Christmas Card Picture Time.


This kit is exactly what I’d get if I were to do whitening treatments at a dental office and a fraction of the cost… especially when you factor in the expensive do-hickey teeth-cleaning thing my toddler would have destroyed in the office.


So, I wanted to tell you guys about the process for this whitening kit, how it is unique and show my results.


The Unique Process


When Smile Brilliant sends your kit, you actually make impressions of your teeth to send back to their lab can make your personal whitening trays.


Granted, the impression creation part was my least favorite… I’ve got a horrible gag-reflex and was literally drooling all over myself while my impressions were setting up. I know… so sexy, come get me boys.


The directions, however, were very easy to follow, which was nice.


I shipped my impressions off (in a prepaid envelope that came in my kit) and a couple of days later my whitening trays were in my mailbox.


Personalized whitening trays are seriously the way to go. Not only do ALL your teeth (front and back) get treated but you don’t have to mess with strips coming off mid-treatment or big bulky trays that resemble a sports mouth-guard. Like, no… I’m not headed to the park for a quick football game with the guys, just whitening my teeth.


These trays are comfortable, clear and are pretty much unnoticeable.


Your kit comes with syringes of whitening gel and desensitizing gel. Each syringe is good for 3-4 sessions.


The whitening process is pretty simple. You put a thin line in your whitening trays and pop those babies in for 45 minutes to 3 hours. It’s recommended to start out shorter time periods and build yourself up.


Not feeling particularly rebellious, I started with 45 minutes and built myself up to about 2.5 hours. After whitening, you use the desensitizing gels in the trays to help with sensitivity (which I personally didn’t experience).


After desensitizing, you want to avoid eating or drinking for about 20 minutes. Naturally, I decided that before bed was probably the best time to do this. After dinner, I’d brush my teeth with water (as per directions) and pop my trays in while getting Rory for bed, folding laundry, cleaning and relaxing on the couch.


I tell ya… multi-tasking is my spirit animal.


At-home professional teeth whiteningSmile Brilliant


The Result


Smile Brilliant recommends doing 7-10 treatments for best results. I did 10 treatments.
And I don’t think I really need to talk much, I’ll just let you take a peek at my before and after pics.


Let me introduce you to my pearly whites…. I’d introduce them all by name but we’re short on time.


SMile Brilliant


How can you get your own Smile Brilliant kit?


These kits (aka happiness in a box) start at only $139 and you can get them here. They have different systems for different sensitivity and stain levels. I am using the T3 Sensitive System.


BUT WAIT! Those sassy gals are just so friggin’ awesome they are partnering with me to host a giveaway and one of you guys will actually WIN A KIT! So… if you want to win this kit, all you need to do is click here: Josie’s Smile Brilliant GIVEAWAY and enter! All entries will be given a special discount just for entering. Eligible countries are the US, UK, Australia and Canada.


If giveaways aren’t your thing… OR if you don’t win, don’t worry… you can just use this code to get yourself $15 off any whitening kit: joysofjosie15


If you have more questions about the product, process or anything else just leave a comment below, email me at or check out Smile Brilliant’s FAQ page here.


Stay tuned for my sassiest-ever Christmas card with the all-new ‘Josie shows her teeth’ smile.


Peace-out babes.


And don’t forget to enter the free whitening kit giveaway here: Josie’s Smile Brilliant Giveaway
At-home professional teeth whitening


This post is sponsored because Smile Brilliant sent me a whitening kit for free (hope ya sass pots don’t mind) but all thoughts, opinions and pictures are my own.

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