Toddler Gift Guide (12-36 Months)

Lifestyle / Tuesday, November 21st, 2017
 Yes, I’m aware that toddlers may not be the best at communicating exactly what they want for Christmas. Partly because they probably have no clue what Christmas is and partly because the big guy in the red suit gives them some pretty ratchet nightmares.


So, no… I don’t write this gift guide with the authority or brain power of a toddler psychologist (do they make those?)… just a parent that spotted a toy and thought, ‘Well, that doesn’t suck.’


Last year at Christmas time, Rory was still trying to figure out the full functionality of her hands and fingers. She was easily distracted by things like wrapping paper, tape and boxes. Y’know… anything and everything EXCEPT the actual gift that was thoughtfully picked out for her.


This year… GAME ON. On behalf of Rory, I will probably turn into the obnoxious WHEN IS IT PRESENT TIME? kid that every parent cringes while silently giving the I SWEAR TO GOD YOU SPOILED BRAT… IF YOU EMBARRASS ME WITH YOUR LACK OF MANNERS look.


I’m super excited for my little toddler/monster to open gifts this year because I think she will actually like the gift a tad more than the box and plastic it came in.


So… I’ve pictured some of the gift ideas that I think would be pretty swell for a toddler (12-36 months) and linked them below.
Check em out….



Let me know of any good gift ideas you have for this age group in the comments below.

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