New Hair Products For the Sexy and Undone Look

Beauty / Friday, November 17th, 2017

When you’ve got pretty thin hair, that whole sexy and undone hair thing isn’t exactly an option. I’ve got about ten strands of hair on my head and maybe two of them will agree to be sexy. Then there’s about three that have joined together for the stick-straight club and there are always a few that are hungover and fried from the night before.

It wasn’t until going to beauty school and working in the hair industry that I finally learned to fake the fullness in my hair. And even then, I felt like I still hadn’t found the perfect product for my hair.

Just recently, Paul Mitchell came out with a product line that promises the sexy undone hair that I’ve been long desiring… and really, I think every girl has been desiring. I’m over here thinking, yeah, sure it gives me sexy effortless hair… maybe if we staple a picture of Blake Lively to my forehead.

But who woulda thunk it? The stuff actually delivers. This line helps me achieve a voluminous look with lots of soft and touchable texture.

The salon I work in is a Paul Mitchell Focus salon, aka… we sell and use Paul Mitchell products and tools exclusively. Our sales rep had mentioned this InvisibleWear line a while before it was scheduled to launch. It sounded like something a little too good to be true… or one of those things that will benefit maybe seven people in the universe (me not being one of them).

When our salon got a kit of the new line to test and try out before trying to market it to our clientele we were all pretty impressed.

First off… the smell. If they could find a way to actually bottle this scent as a perfume I would happily purchase. And it would save me the struggle of having to take a bottle of shampoo to the perfume store and ask that they match the scent.

And secondly, as I mentioned before, the product actually does what it says it will do. Groundbreaking.

It gives enough body and texture to give you the off-duty supermodel look and it brings dull hair to life.

Guys… I, Josie Short (the ten-hair sass pot) would like to formally introduce you to the Paul Mitchell InvisibleWear line.

Shampoo and Conditioner

This shampoo and conditioner work together to clean, detangle and build volume while also softening strands.

Um yes, it even smells like a sexy undone goddess. Like one that just got off the back of her man’s motorcycle and has the most gorgeous motorcycle/sex hair. Yup, it’s that good.

Memory Shaper

This is a soft memory shaper that ha a gel-like consistency. It helps give hold and also adds shine and flexibility.

I like to put the memory shaper in my hair and finger-comb it after I’ve used the shampoo and conditioner.

Volume Whip

The Volume Whip is great for humidity resistance and keeping your style turning into a giant puff ball. This stuff also has a crunch-free hold that is great for curls.

Boomerang Re-styling Mist

This one is bae. Second-day hair looks wretched usually or at least in my personal experience. The Boomerang Re-styling Mist helps bring life back to second-day hair. And by life I mean body and vibrancy.

I have been loving this stuff on second-day hair when I’ve worn my hair curly (or wavy). My hair tends to look like a fluffy mess on day two. Spritz a lil bit of this magic throughout my hair (sometimes add a tiny bit of the Volume Whip), scrunch it with my hands and either air dry or diffuse and HELLO sexy undone-hair.

Undone Texture Hairspray

Ok, I change my mind. THIS one is bae… or like my #1 bae. This sweet little gal adds body and volume that gives the gorgeous effortless and undone look.

I use this no matter if I wear my hair in natural curls, straight or even if I curel my hair with a curling iron or wand.

Also, there is a Blonde and Brunette Dry Shampoo, a Pump Me Up texture and volume powder, and an Orbit Hairspray.

So, where can you get your paws on this stuff? Check out the website here to purchase online. The babes at Ulta also carry it, you can go to the website here.


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