I Bought a Pair of Leather Pants and Basically I’m a Rockstar Now

Style / Monday, November 13th, 2017

Leather pants outfit Leather pants outfit
Leather pants outfit

If you know me, you probably have noticed I’ve been attempting to step out of my fashion box as of late. I was getting a little cramped in that box and I was ready to branch out.

First, the leopard boots and now, I give you the “Josie buys leather pants” episode.

Let me clarify that these are FAUX leather pants. Just because homegirl is willing to take a walk on the fashion wild-side doesn’t mean she’s suddenly got the funds (or desire) to buy real authentic leather pants… or piss off PETA.

For several years, I have contemplated buying some leather leggings or leather pants.

They just seemed so cool, man. Like rock star cool or off-duty model cool. But, because I liked to play it safe, I’d puss out in fears of only looking as cool as Ross Gellar when he couldn’t get his leather pants up and Joey tried to talk him through a powder-lotion paste mixture.

I have been pleasantly surprised by the versatility of my new rock star pants. Granted, I’ve only owned them for a cool 36 hours but I seriously have so many outfit ideas swimming around in my head.

These pants probably won’t be my go-to pants for any type of warmer weather because thigh sweat ain’t cute (unless I’m like looking to reenact the whole Ross and the leather pants scene) but they are going to be clutch for the fall and winter.

Whether I’m going for a casual look (like these pictures) or something more polished (possibly a blouse or sweater and heels)… I think these leather pants are going to be like, my new go-to.

So if we are months down the road and you guys are super sick of seeing the rockstar version of Josie Short pop up in EVERY FREAKING OUTFIT POST… just send me a little note telling me to… you know… try some jeans or a dress or a potato sack… ANYTHING BUT THOSE DAMN FAUX LEATHER PANTS.

But… in the meantime (the next month or so) soz not soz for spamming y’all with my rockstar pants.

I snatched these guys up at Marshall’s for a cool $17 but I’ve linked a few that I’ve been eyeing online.

These H&M faux leather pants are only $29 and available in sizes 2-16.

Check out these faux leather leggings from Target, only $16.

These faux leather leggings are high-waisted and have verticle seams down the front of the legs. On sale for $65.


Apologies for the slightly over-exposed pics. Got a new camera and I’m still playing around with the manual setting. Lolz.

See ya, later babes.

Leather pants outfit Leather pants outfit
Leather pants outfit Leather pants outfit Leather pants outfit Leather pants outfit

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