A Makeshift Vacation

Lifestyle, Travel / Tuesday, October 10th, 2017

If you follow me on Instagram or have read some of my blog posts, you’ve probably come across some smug post about a vacation to Gulf Shores, AL with family. 

I had plenty of booming content ideas, outfits planned and dreamy Insta picture ideas sprouting in this ole noggin’ of mine. I mean… MY SUITCASE WAS PACKED… I could taste the stale odor of guests past that would no doubt be lingering in the condo. 

Well, Mother Nature took a shit on all dat. Yup, a big, day-after-a-beer-binge SHIT on those plans. Evan, Rory and I were planning on leaving Friday night and spending Saturday, Sunday and Monday in AL and then head home Tuesday. The weather forecast said LOLZ, no girl… no beach vaca for you. Rain was predicted for oh, just every FUCKING day. 

Instead of driving for 10 hours (with a one-year-old, mind you) and then be forced to stay indoors because, um… rain, and then drive another 10 home, we decided it would be the smart thing to just skip this vacation. Pouty face. 

But, it’s ok… with all the evil that is happening in this world, I feel bad even giving a pouty face because “oh no, my beach vaca got canceled because of weather and now I’m forced to find another way to blow money”. Yeah… no complaints here. Life happens, rain happens and all that. It’s good, we good. 


So what did we do instead? Instead of trying to scramble to find a new vaca spot, we decided that we would just find something to do for a full day with the family. 


We tossed around the idea of a pumpkin patch or even the zoo. Y’know… something classically basic for a family to do in the fall but it seems that there was apparently a rain cloud over every single state that the Short family was possibly interested in occupying. Well played, Mother Nature. Slow clap for you, bae. 

Somehow we decided on heading to the Newport Aquarium in Ohio. Rory enjoyed looking at all the crazy-looking fish and she seemed particularly interested in the stingray exhibit. This place had exhibits for everything from fish to gators to sharks. There were even a few snake exhibits that had my husband turning to me and telling me he felt like we were living out Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone whenever Harry let the snake out. 

Currently, they are doing some mermaid and pirate gig. There are all kinds of men walking around in the whole pirate getup talking like pirates and whatnot. They looked pretty ridiculous but whatevs, the kids seem to like it. There also was a mermaid kiddos could take pics with and also one swimming whilst waving to little ones. I hope that gal gets paid enough and also I need to know what waterproof makeup homegirl was wearing because she was underwater and looking flawless. 

After the Newport Aquarium, we walked a block or so to the Haufbrauhaus for beer, beer-cheese and waitresses in some boob-tastic German outfits. 

After some schnitzel, bratwurst and beer, we made our way to Jungle Jims to explore the international market. I didn’t leave before snatching up some lemon-lime Tootsie Rolls and some chocolate peanut butter buckeyes. We also hit up Graeter’s Ice Cream and then headed home. 


On Sunday, Rory and I went up to Greenfield, IN with one of my good friends to check out the Riley Days festival. This festival is basically a festival thrown every year in Greenfield, IN (the birthplace of poet James Whitcomb Riley). It’s basically a huge craft fair where booths are selling home decor, boutique clothing, specialty foods, soaps and just about anything you can think of.

This past weekend in no way compared to a beach vacation but y’know… we did the best we could.

Next weekend, Evan and I get to travel to Nashville, TN for a nice little adults-only weekend!

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