The Coziest H&M Sweater

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H&M Sweater H&M Sweater H&M Sweater H&M Sweater


Ok… let’s just pretend… for shits and gigs and for the sake of this cute new sweater… that the weather has actually decided to cooperate and COOL THE FUCK DOWN so we can all enjoy a sensible October. I really thought that 2017 was going to be the year I became The Girl Who Loves Summer. And I was that girl… until September. By October, I’m straight pissed. I keep telling myself it will cool down soon enough and soon enough, I will be living in this sweater, picking off week-old crumbs because oh my SWEET BABY JESUS… this babe is comfy.

I nagged my super hunk of a husband to take some outfit photos of me in this sweet little number (I’m totally buttering him up here just in the *slight* chance he might read this. When I asked if he read my last outfit post, he said fashion wasn’t his thing. I know babe, we all know). I wanted to try to get this post up ASAP because this sweater is currently on sale for $12.99 at AND IT COMES IN FOUR COLORS. Sale ends October 8th, so if you fancy v v affordable sweaters that make you feel like autumn is here and like you’re being cuddled all day long… then go getcha one.

I ordered a small and I think I def got the right bowl of porridge if ya get my drift. I believe this sweater is supposed to be a bit roomy (probz for any pumpkin pie or hot chocolate that not-so-accidentally falls in your mouth) so size down if you prefer your sweaters to be on the snug side (you sex kitten, you!). The length is just right to tuck it in if you wish… it’s not especially long. It’s actually pretty light as far as sweaters go but it’s not so light that it’s see-through. I wore it with a simple t-shirt bra and no camisole underneath. The sleeves are super roomy and have a cute hole pattern down the sides and ribbing along the neck and wrist cuffs.

Even though there are four colors options, I only chose this blue (DON’T WORRY BABE, I ONLY BOUGHT ONE. PROMISE… for now) because I don’t have much of this color in my wardrobe and I am pretty much BFFs with it now. I really love how it looks good with my light skin and hair and doesn’t make my┬ápale-ness even more corpse-like. I paired it with my trusty jeggings and some simple sneaks but I totally think it could be snazzed up with a pleated midi skirt or even a black leather mini and some white Converse.

Hope ya likey!

What I’m Wearing: Sweater: H&M …Jeans: American Eagle …Shoes: Walmart …Purse: Nine West from T.J. Maxx

H&M Sweater H&M Sweater

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