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Books / Wednesday, September 27th, 2017

Fall and winter are some of my favorite times to get some extra reading done. It gets chillier outside and I’m a wuss and lazy and thoroughly enjoy sitting on the couch inside. I’m not huge on television… I pretty much never get to pick what we watch (but it’s my way on just about everything else so whatevs) but I don’t really care because if my husband chooses to watch another mind-numbing and gore-galore episode of Walking Dead, I just grab a book and indulge in a little paper paradise. 

I haven’t been able to read as much as I would like as of lately. Life gets crazy sometimes (cough… Rory) and I don’t get to indulge as much as I would like. So, I’ve given myself a goal of these three books and I’d like to have them finished by the end of October. Since I’ve got two vacations coming up with some considerable drive time and I’m much too delicate to do any actual, ya know, driving (according to my husband) I shouldn’t be too delicate to hold a book open. I’m hoping by the time I’ve written a review of these guys, I will be able to add a few more to the ‘read’ list. But… ya know… we will see. 

Ps… if there are enough typos in this post to make me look as if I’ve tripped and fallen into an opium den, many apologies. I’ve ripped off my acrylics and will be getting a new set very shortly because I cannot function without them. First world problems, I know. Hashtag: Pray for Josie. 

Anyway… the books:

KISS THE GIRLS by James Patterson 

Yes… I’m late to the party known as Alex Cross. I randomly wanted to watch the Kiss the Girls and Along Came a Spider movies but wait! There are books?! I have to read the book first, like… duh! 

So, I finished Along Came a Spider and now I’ve started Kiss the Girls. I’m a sucker for a good detective novel and Along Came a Spider definitely did the trick so I figured, why not continue?!

This book is about the bad ass Doctor Detective Cross solving more crimes and kicking more asses.

Once I finish both books and movies I will happily write a post about all of them and spill my thoughts but spoiler alert: even though I’ve yet to see the movies, I fancied Alex Cross much more Blair Underwood and a little less Morgen Freeman. But I don’t make millions in Hollywood so what the hell do I know? 

HOW TO BUILD A GIRL by Caitlin Moran 

You say coming-of-age novel, I say sign me up. I actually received this book as a gift for Christmas a couple of years ago. Yes… I’m one of those people who collect books just so I have at least 50 unread ones taking up space in my house. I’ll never run out of new books to read because I just keep buying more. 

Anyway… this book is a coming-of-age novel about a young girl trying to re-create herself after publicly shaming herself. She recreates herself into a fast-talking, smoking, drinking and wild sex having teenager. But trouble comes when she realizes she’s built this new persona with a fatal flaw. 

It takes place in the 90’s (first clue I’m going to love this) and it’s supposedly UK’s equivalent of a Chelsea Handler/Lena Dunham… aka I’m going to be laughing my butt off (second clue). 

BITTERSWEET by Miranda Beverly-Whittemore

This book has been on many Young Adult Lit and Psychological Thriller lists and it’s actually been collecting dust on one of my bookshelves for quite a while so I figured I’d finally crack the spine before the year is up. 

According to the synopsis on the back of the book, this one is all about a rich and privileged family. Protagonist Mabel receives a scholarship to a prestigious east coast college and befriends her roommate. Her wealthy roommate invites her to spend the summer with her family at their cottage. 

As Mabel becomes an insider, a terrible discovery leads to shocking violence and reveals what the family may have done to keep their power intact. And Mabel had to make a decision to either keep quiet or expose the family. 

I’m definitely looking forward to reading this! 

What is on your Fall reading list? I’m always always looking for books to add to my shelves and you know… eventually read.

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