Four Things I’m Looking Forward to in Autumn

Lifestyle / Wednesday, September 20th, 2017

I can honestly say that I enjoy all four seasons. For a gal that feels as fondly about change as the one-armed surfer chick does about the shark, I’m still confused as to why the changing of seasons makes me happy. Given, I like some seasons more than others but I can find a positive point about each. When it comes to Autumn… there are only positive points in my eyes. Pumpkin spice scented/flavored EVERYTHING, the return of football, cozy sweaters, Thanksgiving and my birthday are just a few highlights for me each year.

But… The four things I am looking forward to MOST this year are:


I mean… let me list the most important thing first. Lolz… but really. It’s no secret that besides an occasional glass of wine and sometimes a random cocktail I’m pretty much a beer gal. Let’s face it… last time I took whiskey shots I ended up having a sweet little vom session in the middle of a bar floor during a bachelorette party. No Bueno. I’m a lightweight and I’m fairly certain another “experience” with hard liquor and I’ll be banned from most public places.

I can guzzle a domestic brew like any basic bitch out there but those special seasonal craft beers that make their way into stores and my heart (and liver) when summer comes to an end are pretty much what make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Oktoberfest and pumpkin ales are probs my absolute fav beer. I love them so much that attributing my sassy winter coat of an extra 5-10 pounds to their consumption is probably the safest bet you’ll ever make.

Fall Fashion

When I say “Fall Fashion”, it kind of sounds like I’m going to be sportin’ the recent trendy runway looks. Yeah… no… those aren’t too friendly on the ole pocketbook. However, give me a pair of skinny jeans, a mega-comfy sweater and some ankle booties and I’m in basic-bitch heaven.

Don’t get me wrong… cut-off shorts and cute halters are a crowd-pleaser for summer but there is something so amazing about dressing in cozy sweaters, leather jackets and actual full-length jeans without sweating all my makeup off before 11AM.

Interested in seeing some of the fall clothing items I’ve got my eye on? Check out this post.

Birthdays and Anniversaries

Evan and I will be celebrating five years of marriage this November. Any man sticking with the hot-mess-express, that is also known as Josie Short, for that long deserves a large celebration complete with balloons, a marching band and a parade. But we will probably just opt for a nice dinner out, instead.

November is also the month that I turn 30. I don’t know that I’m exactly looking forward to turning 30 because… wrinkles and mamograms and whatevs but I always enjoy celebrating my birthday. Actually, I shamelessly indulge all November long. I’m hoping to plan a quite-large celebration involving booze, food and friends.

Vacations in October

We have two small trips planned for October. First, we will be taking a trip to Gulf Shores, AL with Evan’s parents. Evan used to take family vacations there as a kid quite often. I’ve never actually been to Gulf Shores… we were much more rent-a-cabin-in-Wisconsin kind of vacationers when I was growing up. I’m definitely looking forward to taking Rory to the beach for the first time and also getting to see what all the Gulf Shores fuss is about.

Secondly, Evan and I will be taking a trip (just the two of us) to Nashville, TN for a weekend in October. Evan has this dream of going to a NFL game at every Stadium. We started working on this bucket list last year when we went to a Packers vs. Colts game in Green Bay, WI. (You can read about that trip here.) This year, we will be going to a Titans vs. Colts game in Nashville. The game is actually on a Monday evening so we are going to get there the Saturday before and spend a couple days exploring (hell… let’s be real… drinking) and then heading home the day after the game. We’ve booked an AirBnB location that is within walking distance from the stadium and lots of other attractions (bars).

What are ya’ll’s plans for autumn?

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