The Summer-To-Fall Transition Top

Style / Monday, September 18th, 2017

The summer to fall transition top The summer to fall transition top The summer to fall transition top The summer to fall transition top

Mother Nature is quite pissing me off. I’ve done the shorts thing, the fun and bright summer color thing and the finding the right bathing suit for my (disappointing) bust size thing. Now, I’m ready for some damn autumn. 

I want chunky knits, ankle boots and full-length jeans. Mother Nature doesn’t give a shit about my wants, apparently. The weather forecast is showing 80’s for the next week. Yawn… give us something interesting, girl. We’ve done this hot weather stuff. 

This weekend, I stopped in Target to check out some of the new fall clothing. I own quite a few clothing items from Target and love all of them. Not to mention, they have some v v cute stuff at prices that don’t match my monthly utilities bill. 

With fall coming up, I thought I would check out some of the new styles. Actually, the fact that Cartwheel had a 25% off deal on Xhilaration clothing is what really got my attention but that’s just a minor detail. 

This plum-colored top caught my attention because I’ve kind of been obsessed with lace-up details. And this top does it so cutely in the front. I understand lace-up details are just a trend that will go away eventually but I’m just trying to be a very of-the-moment gal right now.

Seriously though, I almost passed it up because I thought, dang that ‘v cut’ in the front goes super low. I figured a bra would totally show through and this isn’t one of those tops I can put bandaids on and get by. And that bra-showing look is a bit on the trashy side and I’ve made my life goal to not look like that. Get me? Thank goodness after trying it on, I realized I shouldn’t judge a top by its seemingly riskay v-cut because it def hides my bra. 

I’m digging the color and how it screams “fall”. I’m also enjoying the flowy-ness and how well it covers that massive cheat day bloat. The material is super lightweight but not sheer. No sleeves make it perfect for this frustrating “transition” time between seasons but I could easily pair it with a cardigan and some boots when the weather finally decides to cooperate. 

Things to note: It’s only $19.99 but right now there’s a 25% off Cartwheel coupon (for like the next 5 days) that makes it like $15. I’m wearing a small and it seems to fit nicely. There are gray, black and dark teal options. 

Also, if you’re asking yourself if I always have my hair in that messy half-up top knot… the answer is yes. And the sunglasses are pretty much to cover the smudgy eye makeup as a result of my 2 hour afternoon nap. I live on the wild side. Get on my level.

The summer to fall transition top

The summer to fall transition top The summer to fall transition top The summer to fall transition top

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