Dear Diary: Do These Eyelash Extensions Make Me High-Maintenence?

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Xtreme Lash Extensions Xtreme Lash Extensions

What’s the one beauty product that I refuse to walk out the door without? Well, trick question really… there’s two. Concealer (because without it, I look like a 2017 Aaron Carter mug shot) and mascara! God blessed me with some really long eyelashes but then was like, “there’s a catch… they’re gonna be see-through”. Lolz.

Ever since puberty and my parents uttering those magical words, “you can wear makeup,” I have since been on the hunt for the perfect mascara. And believe me when I say, I have tried damn-near all of them. My eyes are the one feature on me that actually get an occasional compliment and when I’m wearing mascara (always) and you can actually see my lashes, I think that adds a lil summin summin.

When the esthetician at the salon I work at started to offer Xtreme¬†Lashes lash extensions as one of her services I was like ooo baby… me needs to know bout these.

You see, mascara is fabulous and all but sometimes it’s just a hassle. Lazy, spoiled, white female: party of one. I know… but really, I spend SO much time applying the mascara and then there’s the dreaded removal of the mascara, which let’s face it… is after about three days worth of mascara applications because, yeah… laziness.

Solution to this problem: lash extensions. Who ever invented the concept of these extensions go ahead and give yourself a standing ovation and a Nobel Peace Prize.

The process.

I don’t exactly envy our esthetician because this process of applying lash extensions is v tedious. Basically, she isolates each individual lash and then applies the extensions to each individual lash. But as the client… well, pop me a Tylenol PM and imma take me a lil nappy nap.

Throughout the process (which is about 1.5-2 hours), your eyes remain closed. So… life and lemons and what not… I’m not not taking a nap.

I tend to get v v nervous when people get around my eyes (including myself). I don’t know why. But I get super twitchy and squinty-eyed and I try to cope by digging my nails into my palm so I can focus on that pain and not the freak show going on with my peepers. All that being said, I was definitely a twitchy mess for the first 15 or so minutes but was finally able to cool my jets and relax (ahem… nap).

Anyway, back to the lashes:

Before there can be any lashes applied, you have to figure out what kind of lash you want. Super natural yet fuller or Kim K worthy lashes that are long and full… everyone has a different preference.

In order to rake all the “your eyes are so pretty” compliments in, I gave her full reign to go all out on my lashes and gimme all the glam.

Here’s something you need to know: your lash extensions HEAVILY rely on your natural lashes. If you only have 5 eyelashes, there can only be 5 extensions glued. Also, if you have short and stubby lashes, they aren’t going to support the glamazon long lashes… you will need to use lashes that won’t weigh your natural lashes down. Be careful with any professional that offers to glue more than one extension to a natural lash… this is where damage to your natural lashes comes in if the pro doesn’t have the proper volumizing training.

Maintaining Lash Extensions

The average person has anywhere from 90-120 lashes on each eye. It is normal to shed 2-3 lashes per eye each day. Do some math and you see that you will lose roughly 21 lashes a week. Lash extension fills are recommended every 2-4 weeks. Everyone is different and some people do better with lashes than others.

Tips on how to maximize the time between fills:

The first three hours after a lash extension appointment are the most restricted. Things that need to be avoided within those first three hours are: spray tans, excessive steam or heat, contact lens insertion, and any non-Xtreme Lashes brand makeup that comes in contact with your new lashes. I even avoided putting mascara on my bottom lashes (even though it KILLED me) until after those three hours just in case they touched my top lashes.

As far as normal everyday makeup, I just use what I’ve always used including my normal bottom lash mascara. Xtreme Lashes actually makes a mascara that is considered safe to use on your extensions. Although these lashes don’t require any mascara as is, I will probably use the Xtreme Lashes mascara when I get close to needing a fill as some of the extensions will have shed. The mascara can help fill in some of the holes. Any store-bought mascara isn’t recommended but waterproof mascara is DEFINITELY not recommended.

A spooly brush is my best friend. Basically, these are the little brushes that look like mascara wands. People use them to brush their lashes or brows. Every where I go, I take one with me. Going out with the girls for a night? Got my ID, cash, lip gloss and spooly brush. Not even joking… I forgot mine when I went out of town recently and I had to stop at CVS to buy a new one. Sometimes my lashes get a little out of whack and I like to brush them to put em back in line.

Cleaning lash extensions is important as well. Again, Xtreme Lashes sell a lash cleaner (and everything that you could ever need to care for them) but momma ain’t made of money. An oil-free makeup removed works… the oil-free part is essential as oil can break down the lash adhesive. Personally, when I’m in the shower I gently wash my lashes with water and my fingertips and haven’t really had any issues with that.

Excessive rubbing, pulling and sweating can break down adhesive and cause lashes to fall out prematurely. However, I workout at least four times a week, sweat profusely (like it’s a problem) and I haven’t noticed that causing any issues.

Xtreme Lash Extensions

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