My Weekend in Chicago

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Currently, I should be sitting at my kitchen table or desk, laptop open, working on this post but alas, I’m actually laying on the couch, with a Basset Hound on top of me, writing this on my iPhone because I’m simply too lazy/exhausted to get my ass up. So yeah… I’m just going to continue to construct this post via an email to myself and if it appears as if I fell asleep and forgot what I was writing about, well… that is probably exactly what happened. Big apologies.


My weekend in Chicago!!

My Weekend in Chicago

Full disclosure: this weekend trip was not just a “hey, I’m ditching my husband and baby because I need a break from reality” trip… although it was a bonus. Truth is, I suck. I suck when it comes to my child and getting her to sleep in her crib. Now, I know you’re probably like uhhh… wait a sec… isn’t that baby like over a year old? Um, so yes… here’s the low down: Evan and I have put off getting Rory out of our bed for so long that it was becoming a problem. For a while, we were like hey, this co-sleeping thing is fun. And then suddenly it wasn’t (for several reasons I won’t bore you with). The few times we have tried to let her cry it out in her crib I have caved miserably, grabbed her and brought her back to our bed (hello, enabler, amiright?). So this weekend was the “Evan lets Rory cry it out” weekend. Those of you interested: it was a success.

My bestie, Traci, lives in Chicago with her husband and son and the three of them were so very gracious to host me this past weekend. They are seriously the best hosts and most hospitable. I will say though when I go to visit Traci, I feel like I’m relatively low-key. I don’t require any wining and dining, I go with the flow and try not to cause any inconveniences. Just a lil horn self-tootin’, NBD.


After 4+ hours in a vehicle, I was oh-so-relieved to finally arrive in Chicago around 5pm. Next time, I think I’m going to consider the train or MegaBus because the thought of being able to nap during that drive makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

We toyed around with the idea of getting sushi or ordering Chinese but instead decided on taking a (slightly tipsy) trip to the grocery… no worries guys, we walked as it was across the street… for supplies for a taco & wine night in. Because seriously, who doesn’t love tacos? And obvz I was enjoying the wine. Side note: buzzed grocery shopping is just as dangerous as hungry grocery shopping. In addition to taco supplies, we also snatched up Annie’s Chocolate Mint Sandwich Cookies and something that was supposed to resemble cookie butter. So Friday night was spent drinking wine, consuming tacos, catching up and sending loads of drunken Snap Chats (apologies to you who fell victim to those). Oh, and all the cookies were gone by morning and there were no clean spoons from all the spoonfuls of fake cookie butter.


As you can imagine, a morning after a two-bottle wine binge, I woke up feeling a wee bit hungover. After some hydration and sustenance (Traci’s husband made us breakfast) I was feeling much more like myself. One thing I love about when I visit Traci is the way she and her family host (or entertain). I know a lot of people would think that a trip to the city would require v expensive trips to restaurants for each meal and bars every night, but Traci knows how to keep it real… like, live in a potentially expensive city and still be frugal. And, girl… I’m all about that life.

Traci’s only real plan for the weekend (other than hunting down the REAL cookie butter for me to try) was a workout class. Now, I workout… a lot, like 5-6 times a week but never have I done an actual class. She signed us up for a HIIT class at Exhale spa. I went into this class without any expectations and left with extra boob-sweat and some extreme dehydration. We did all kinds of high-intensity exercises that worked body parts I didn’t know I possessed. My ass was thoroughly kicked by this class and at one point I just laid flat on the floor and put a towel over my face and pretended the instructor couldn’t see me. I feared I was going to be “that girl” they had to call the ambulance to come get. But sure enough, I survived the class. Big thanks to the fresh air and the kale smoothie I consumed in 2.5 seconds on the walk back to Traci’s apartment… I’m fairly confident it brought me back to life.

For dinner, we ventured over to Lincoln Park for some v tasty Italian food at Sapori Trattoria where we shared a bottle of wine, a salad and a couple of pasta dishes. Eating Italian is always a real treat for me because a) I never eat carbs and b) the hubs doesn’t actually care for it. So, anytime I’m let loose in an Italian restaurant I tend to go ham on some bread and oil and whatever carb-loaded pasta dish I can get my grubby paws on. Come to momma.

My Weekend in Chicago

After dinner, we set out on a mission for some tasty snacks (aka dessert) and some real Speculoos Cookie Butter. Trader Joe’s is where it’s at… both the tasty snacks (aka desserts) and the Speculoos Cookie Butter. I even bought some Speculoos cookies to dip in my Speculoos Cookie Butter… I’m a maverick and can make that matchy-matchy thing look fly AF. The sea-salt brownies were v v good too… by the next morning, they long gone.


Clean spoons meant more cookie butter. And that’s all I have to say about that.

After breakfast and coffee, Traci and I headed out for some light shopping while the baby napped. We hit up this fun little stationary store, The Paper Source, where basically I could cash in a 401K and not think twice about spending it on every last planner, stapler and cute little notepad at this store.

We also hit up Anthropolgy and Marshall’s because why not? Life’s short, spend the money. I jest, I jest… suga daddy only gave me a certain amount of spending money. But I did get a few things for the house at Marshall’s.

After returning to Traci’s apartment I decided that it was probably best to get my booty on the road and head back home to my family. Another 4+ hours on the road (including a gas station stop, a stop for McDonald’s drive-through, a stop for some Starbucks cold brew) and I was home. And let’s not forget to mention that I came home to a daughter that is FINALLY SLEEPING IN HER CRIB!

Big big BIG BIG thanks to Traci and family for hosting me this weekend! Love you guys!

My Weekend in Chicago


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