The Five Summer Nail Polish Colors You Need

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I know, I know… You guys are probably thinking, um… Jos, it’s like, uh, August. Summer is almost over and normally I’m all like pumpkin this, pumpkin that, pumpkin, pumpkin, pumpkin… fuck summer… pumpkin. But for some reason, I’m seriously digging summer this year. Like, a lot… Hashtag what’s wrong with Josie. Could be because I’ve actually gotten my ass to the gym this summer and as a result, I actually feel mildly confident in skimpy summer clothes. Could be because we moved to a home that is more ‘in town’ and now I enjoy things like walking the dogs or going for a run. Insert the hands-out-to-the-side emoji that looks like it is saying ‘who knows?’.

Since I’m all for summer continuing for a wee bit longer, I’m fully planning on rocking my summer nail polish for the foreseeable future. Hope ya’ll are cool with that (lies… don’t actually care).

I have a pretty regular schedule of getting my nails done every two weeks (yes, it helps I work in a salon and get em done fo free… I know, rough life I live). Currently, I have almond-shaped acrylics on my nails. Fake nails not for you? I totally get that… some babes just look better with natural. Me? Nah… I look like I’ve got Tony Robbins banana hands. The fake nails help elongate my fingers and make them look, you know, female. Not to mention, now that I’ve been sportin’ these babies for-like-EVA… I don’t exactly know how to function without them and since I work with my hands… it’s kinda important to be able to use them. Total first-world probz.

OPI came out with a California Dreaming¬†collection for the summer of 2017 and I swear I have been living in these colors. Having my nails done in a cute, ‘of-the-moment’ shade makes me feel put together and like I actually belong in the beauty industry and not the ‘I haven’t showered in three days’ club.

This collection features 12 colors that are totally adorbs and have equally adorbs names (that’s like OPI’s thing, ya know) but these particular five have been my go-to shades!

The Five Summer Nail Polish Colors You Need

As you can imagine, the color To the Mouse House We Go! is Mickey Mouse-inspired red and it is the perfect shade of red. Usually, reds can either be slightly cool (blue tones) or slightly warm (giving off orange hues) but this one magically finds a perfect compromise in between. Mickey, you handsome devil… you are magical! I, personally, think red nail polish looks fab on any shape or length of nail.

GPS I Love You is a fairly bright pink that looks great on toes as well. It definitely is a bright color but not like NEON in YO face bright. You can wear this pink without looking like you broke open a pink glow stick and stained your fingernails with it.

Time For a Napa is that classic summer peachy/coraly¬†shade that screams summer. I’ve done this one several times and I have yet to tire of it. Colors like this one seem to look perfect whether you have a tan or are pale.

The last two are for those times when I’m like ok… I need an adult, please take me seriously and pretend I’m sophisticated, color. Excuse Me, Big Sur! is the more sophisticated looking pink matte that isn’t that chalky pastel pink but still light. Feeling Frisco is the chic nude color that every polish collection requires for those who steer away from colored polish the way I steer clear from the ‘when are you having more kids’ chat. I love this shade when I’m looking for something a bit muted yet chic.

Well, that’s all folks. Lemme know your fav summer polishes… I still got a lotta life left in my summer and I’m always willing to try some new shades!

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