25 Ways to Fix a Bad Day

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You left your lunch at home, spilled your coffee, locked your keys in your car and are an hour late for work. I’ve been there… and I’m betting you have too. It’s easily to let one mishap spiral out of control into an entire day of bad luck. You get home and declare it the worst day in the history of days… But it doesn’t have to be. Below I have listed 25 ways to fix a bad day.

25 Ways to Fix a Bad Day

  1. Treat yourself to a latte or your fav espresso drink. Because when is coffee a bad idea… well maybe at midnight.
  2. Go for a run and listen to your favorite workout music. Get a great workout and relieve some stress. Two birds, one stone, BAM!
  3. Take your dogs for a walk at the park. Seeing my dogs happy always makes me happy.
  4. Grab a bottle of wine and take a bubble bath and relax.
  5. Make your favorite dinner or dessert and indulge! Pick up a box mix of your fav dessert, or better yet, make it from scratch!
  6. Make yourself your favorite drink, kick back and relax.
  7. Give yourself a homemade hair conditioning treatment or facial.
  8. Take a break and read a few chapters in your favorite book or head to the library to check out a few books.
  9. Try an essential oil blend. Pinterest is full of essential oil blends to help boost your mood!
  10. Binge watch a few episodes of your favorite show on Netflix. Just don’t carry on for the full day.
  11. Relax in a hammock or porch swing. Fresh air in my hair and sunshine in my face, yes please.
  12. Retail therapy anyone? Only when your wallet can handle it, please.
  13. Write in a journal. Writing in a journal is one of my most favorite stress relieving techniques.
  14. Go out for ice cream with a friend. Um… ice cream… enough said.
  15. Take a nap. If you are so fortunate enough to have time to take a nap, DO IT! Tell yourself that when you wake up it will be a fresh start!
  16. Try some yoga.
  17. Watch a comedy and try to laugh yourself into a better day. Who doesn’t love to laugh?!
  18. Try a DIY project or craft to take your mind off the day. Working with my hands and concentrating on something helps me forget about my stress and focus on the project in hand.
  19. Treat yourself to a manicure or paint your own nails. Pamper yourself!
  20. Go for a drive and crank the music up loud. Nothing makes me forget my troubles like rolling down the windows, cranking up the music and going for a little drive.
  21. Spend some time outside doing yard work, whether its tending to your garden, mowing the grass or picking a fresh bouquet of flowers.
  22. Call up your bestie and vent! Sometimes just expressing that you are having a bad day and why can help relieve stress!
  23. Get a massage or convince that significant other to give you a good foot rub!
  24. Look up funny memes on Pinterest, Instagram or Google. I seriously do this even if I’m just in the mood to laugh.
  25. If all else fails… take a pillow and bury your face in it and let out a nice loud scream!

Hopefully one of these 25 ways will help you the next time that you are having a rough day. Comment below and tell me your favorite ways to fix a bad day!

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